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Gyan Kiran Foundation
(Regd.) DELHI

Initiative to educate and make Under Privileged - Self Reliant 
Welcome!!!     JOIN the Nobel Cause - for contributing back to Society, by contributing a little share from you.                  


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India, the largest democratic country of the world, at the threshold of becoming a world power realizes its weaknesses that can obstruct its path onwards. India is a country of villages with a bouquet of diversifications like culture, language, religion etc. A powerful modern society shall not be struggling with stigmas like malnutrition, lack of basic education, condition of girl child, dowry cases, domestic violence, improper health support at the grass root level. The Government of India is making all efforts to eradicate these stigmas.


Keeping these issues in view, a group of likeminded, committed young professionals, having knowledge in various walks of life decided to join hands under the name of “GYAN KIRAN FOUNDATION” to extend their support to Government of India in her efforts to eradicate the stigmas and improving the condition of society and make it more mature.


GYAN KIRAN FOUNDATION (GKF) sees itself as an umbrella organization to manage funds from individuals, government and corporate to run its own projects like KnOW (Knowledge On Wheels), UCanDoit and Gyan Udayalay (Knowledge Centers) as exampled below and also to support other smaller organizations working in the common arena. GKF will also conduct a lot of counseling sessions in and around its work field such that parents send their children to schools; women & girls learn some vocation rather than simply rearing small kids; status of girl child in the society, anti-dowry, domestic violence etc.


The Rotary Club of Noida Excellence has extended their help in the Vocational Training initiative. They have provided a Sweeing Machine, token allowance to the teacher.


GYAN KIRAN FOUNDATION (GKF) would like to focus on the following areas in near future:

  1. Basic Education for the Under Privileged – GKF will take initiative to educate the underprivileged children of society till primary School Level. GKF plans to impart basic education through its KnOW project where teachers and counselors will travel to various location in a vehicle and open small “Anganwadi” style schools called “Gyan Udayalay” in the areas where these under privileged children dwells like remote village areas, slums in the city colonies & near industrial areas. The foundation will also seek their admission in formal schools and extend financial help to parents thru sponsorships, ideally till the child gets a job.
  2. Vocational Training to Women & Older children – GKF, under the project “UCanDoIt”, will take initiative to train the women, girls and boys who have crossed their age of learning in the school in some or the other vocations to make them self sufficient to support their nuclear families. This shall include Computer Operations, Plumbing, Fitters, Welders, Stitching, Sewing, Parlors and Painting etc depending on their current education status and interest in conjunction to the requirements of Industrial areas in our collaboration.
  3. Basic Hygiene & Medical Checkups – GKF plans to organize Medical Camps with the help of local (near Gyan Udayalay) Association of Doctors to provide knowledge on basic hygiene, anti-drug, special camps on Cancer, Dentistry, ENT, Eye and conduct health checkups along with free Consultations on their existing prescriptions and medications. 

GYAN KIRAN FOUNDATION (GKF) would like to extend its services in the following areas in far future:

·         Self Help Group (SHG) for Women Empowerment

·         Subject tuitions to children from EWS, government schools

·         Coaching to children from EWS to prepare for Competitions like Engineering & Medical

·         Scholarships for bright students in the EWS (Economically Weaker Society)

·         Support system through Vocational training for Widows and Destitute

·                 Home for - Old Age and Destitute / Widows

·         Rehabilitation Centers for Drug / Alcohol

·         Adoption of smaller NGO’s of similar interest

·         Adoption of villages for integrated development

Bulletin Board Another Machine Donated: 

January 2013

We have received one more sewing machine for providing Vocational Training. Thanks to Mrs. Ramesh Prabhakar.

Progress Evaluation: 

October 2012

Mrs. Prabhakar evaluated the progress of students and ladies and gave tips to improve upon. All were highly motivated. You can view the progress in Photo Gallery.

Vocational Training: 

October 2012

We have started providing Vocational Training - Sewing, Stiching and Paper Bag making with less previleged ladies. Thanks to Rotary Noida Excellence Club.

First School:

July 2012

We reopened the school after Summer Vacation in a rented flat in Makanpur village itself. Now the children can sit under proper roof to study, safe from  Rain and Shine.

Address: 543-G, GDA Flats,  Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (U.P.)

Inaugural Day:

Friday, 3rd February 2012

Under a Tree, Makanpur Village, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (U.P.)

Thanks to everyone who supported it - Monetarily and Emotionally !!!

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